Cool Tools

The Real Estate market is influenced by a myriad of factors from outside the industry, as well as, from within its own workings.  You will need all the help you can get to be able to go forward in this capricious market.

You can find a lot of tools in technology to help you, but if not used correctly, or you are using the wrong types of applications; technology can become your enemy, rather than a helpful friend.

Cool Technology Tools for Real Estate:

You can find a lot of great applications for your Smartphone, laptop, and tablet, but make sure that they will give you the features you need, and that they can provide the functions they claim to have.  Compiled here you will find five must-haves, useful, free apps intended for Real Estate.


This app comes highly rated and enables you to fill out, sign and sent documents from your tablet and Smartphone.  DocuSign can help with the prevention of misunderstandings and can curb the occurrence of miscommunications.


You can capture notes from anywhere, and dot down good ideas.  With this app, you can have it all at hand, always near, and always synced.  You can also organize the information and share important notes.
This app is available for mobile devices and also on the web.  It is constantly updated to ensure that your search results for properties are providing you with the freshest information available.


Google Docs: docs/
Free to use on all mobile devices and on the web.  You can share documents with others and you can provide privacy settings that are different for each user.  Multiple users can edit and contribute their input regarding the content.  Everything is kept organized and is easy to locate.


Google Drive: drive/
Google Drive is a cloud-based, storage facility that will also allow multiple users in a group to edit and give information that can be helpful to other members in the group.  This is a good way to keep everyone in a group up to date to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Anybody working in the Real Estate Market should embrace technology to become more competitive and stay on top of all daily changes during their workday.