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Trust and How to Build It in a Virtual Workplace

Workspace is evolving. In the past, we rely too much on a physical building. We tended to believe that running a business can only be done from a physical office. It does not matter where you have your office, whether a tower, a house or even a condo. Yes, a condo. It is not uncommon to see people who run their business from their condo. We often see people purchasing a condo from Prestige Condo and use the unit as their office.

However, today’s businesses are different. Instead of running a business only from a physical office, there is a better alternative: a vritual workspace. A virtual workplace can greatly reduce business cost. At the very least, you don’t have to rent or purchase a building and pay the maintenance fee. Your business can still run even when your employees are scattered throughout the world. However, building trust among your employees and make them work as a team is completely different than hiring them to work for you. Why should they trust someone they never meet?

Even though it sounds logical for them, you have no time to delay building this trust. Your business will start to crumble if your employees can’t trust each other and work together as a team. The good news is, as long as you apply the following practices, it is not impossible to build trust in a virtual workplace.


Should Start-Up Businesses Consider Virtual Workspaces?

A virtual office is a trend today. This is a term which is gaining popularity for most start-up investors and entrepreneurs out there. Even if it works like that today, it has been present since a decade ago. But then, the advent of the internet and technology make it possible to assist the workplace and it is said to develop more in the years to come.

Understanding the Concept of a Virtual Workspace

Technically speaking, an office is ideal to be a place to work. With the popularity of the internet, packed with a faster way to connect to the internet, office-related work including telephone answering, mail forwarding, and employee coordination become a piece of cake. As a matter of fact, these may all be conducted in a virtual manner. This is one of the reasons why it is possible for you to enjoy working and achieve an environment synonymous with an office without having to rent a space which can be so expensive.

Considering the Advantages

Despite the sharing of benefits and advantages, there are entrepreneurs out there who do not consider the hiring of a virtual office together with its allied services like telephone answering and mail forwarding. But then, there are more advantages that can be discovered here. They are seldom known by people but they should not be disregarded in any way. Basically, it would always be a fresh start-up This has to be competent enough to battle in the industry.

If you are thinking of setting up a virtual office, these are some of the advantages that you may want to list down. They can work for you. That is for sure:

  • A virtual workplace is cost-effective. To operate it has always been affordable. This occurs because there is no longer a need for overhead costs. It is also not necessary to pay for financial allowances and rents. The same is also true for maintenance fees. Despite this, do not be anxious because you will still have a physical address alongside with allied details and IP.
  • A virtual workspace would save you time. This is not surprising anymore considering that every transaction would take place virtually. It would start from the answering of the telephone down to the forwarding of emails and the coordination to clients. In here, time is dubbed luxurious. This is why everything is done to save more of it. Such is a chance to push up to the success ladder.
  • A virtual workspace is considered a pay-and-use facility. When it comes to client conferences and meetings, you can be sure that it would be possible for you to utilize the office space of your vendors. This has a prestigious address together with its very name. This can also be the chance to improve your brand image for the start-up. At least, a common ground may be attained in this aspect. This can work too.

In order to make the most of this, you have to find the best service provider. This can be easy too!
Just keep looking and you are surely headed towards the right track!

Can We Make Our Virtual Space Organized?

Since globalization has been rampant these days, workplaces are now established but only with their respective boundaries. Today, there is already a possibility to work with a ton of individuals all at the same time. This can occur regardless of where the person is. This is one of the reasons why the advent of virtual office is not surprising anymore. Such is created for the purpose of establishing an efficient electronic setting. It does not matter whether you are in the office or at home. At the end of the day, it is still crucial that you have a smooth and easy flow, one way to complete your work in a systematic manner.

How to Have A Clean Workplace?

When you have an organized workplace, you are sure to search for things that you may want to fix immediately. Now, the big question is – how do you do these? These are some of the things that you may want to take note of:

  • First, manage your incoming emails. You have to take note that your emails are essential because they will serve as an evidence for your business. As a result to this, ensure that you have backed up all the crucial emails that you receive from clients and suppliers. This must be undertaken on a regular basis because it may be for reference and record purposes.
  • Do not fail to allocate time so that you can read your communication letters/emails on a daily basis. It has always been an integral homework to empty your inbox as much as you can. Such means that you should never allow your inbox to be full for almost three consecutive days. You may want to place all the junk mails in the spam box and then delete it after from time to time. Aside from this, organize your contacts if you happen to have an address book. Doing this is undertaken with your email box which may be based from various categories.
  • To make your virtual office more organized, you must also secure all your document files in the computer you use. This is a smart way to sort your files. If you can, do not fail to utilize separate folders. Do them in accordance to your topic. There are instances when you still keep unused applications and files, if you are guilty of this – do not forget to do something about the situation.
  • As much as you can, own a calendar program that has to be saved on your personal computer. This type of program is ideal so you can be reminded of the important events that are about to take place at work. In doing this, include the agenda to the program. This may be in the form of alerts for appointments that are about to occur.

If you plan to pursue this kind of set-up for your work, this should work well if you are going to partner up with the best providers. Please do so and review your options!

What You Must Understand about Virtual Workspace

Virtual Workspace

In a virtual workspace, the employees do not have to be physically present in a certain place in order to carry out their work. This is considered to be a web-based service which is a preferred remote access solution by companies that opt to not have a bigger space for the venture.

With the presence of a virtual workspace, the employees are given access to particular software applications, network file shares and virtual desktops from any device or computer. They can do such provided that they have an internet connection. As a matter of fact, there are instances when students may be able to use applications including Mathematica, SPSS, and Minitab. All of these are easily available as well.

Working Virtually

How do you do this, then? It would only take a matter of logging into a virtual workspace which may be given by your provider. You can do this with the use of a TU NetID and a password.

Most creators of such software would want to ensure that their goal is to deliver many applications to any kind of device that will be accessed through the virtual workspace. There is a list of applications that you may want to review in order to succeed in here. Usually, it is reflected in a software inventory which may work for sure.

The Features

The modern workplace has indeed a tenfold of features that may shock many individuals. Well, it cannot be denied that almost everything has changed now. There is a tenfold of new tools that may share the work and it may be a chance to communicate easily with colleagues out there.

Who has not experienced editing a Google document? Or jumping into a Slack channel so that a hot topic about work may be discussed? These may all be done even while responding to a text which may be received from a customer. There are those who would upload files to their Dropbox and afterward, they would text their bosses that they are working on a big presentation over the weekend. Apart from this, it cannot be denied that all information is now in the cloud.

The Implication

Even if there are new means to work now, one goal has not changed yet, it is unlikely to ever will – what is this? To ensure that employees become even more productive. It should be more than ever. This should also change the turn out of events.

Indeed, there are scholars out there which have argued that there is a rapid rise in the productivity which is normally fueled by the economy of other countries. In economics, this productivity would always refer to the amount of money which is made per hour. When it comes to this formula, the emergence of electricity and even the acceleration of the automobile cannot be denied. This is why this virtual workplace would be considered by many individuals out there. That is for sure. Just look for the right property and success is just within your fingertips!

The Use of Virtual Workspace in Expanding your Business

When it comes to the early stages of business expansion, most entrepreneurs would be required to take into consideration a tenfold of factors. Among these are credibility, commercial location, aligned services, business center, number of seats and even infrastructure requirements.

A particular office says a lot about the business itself. Basically, it is the reflection of the organization’s stature. The address of the office is considered to be the place where business patrons and clients are given the chance to deal with most business owners. This is a fact.

Now, the big question is, why is it crucial to have an address for your business?

The Reasons

  • Organizations that intend to operate from remote locations without needing to invest in a branch office, for instance, can be helped with the presence of a virtual space.
  • To have an office address would be the answer to giving the clients an easy way of communication, most especially with their customers, business partners and service vendors.
  • Once the entrepreneurs decided to utilize their home address for the communication purposes of the organization, it would not go well for the investors most especially if they are after a commercial workplace and an environment which is authorized for business instead.
  • Secretarial services including the receiving and responding to emails, answering of phone calls, taking care of fax, scanning and printing of documents will be accomplished by a virtual workspace if it exists.
    The virtual workplace may come with proper conference rooms and equipment including audio speakers and projector that are necessary for the meetings of the clients.

Needless to say, any entrepreneur who is not willing to invest in renting a space or infrastructure may be able to find an alternative to a virtual workspace. Essentially, there are service providers out there who are more than willing to offer commercial offices. With this, they can deliver a wide array of services which may go along with the smooth running of the business.

Aside from the aforementioned, there are also available outsourcing firms that usually offer a brand identity which may be directed towards small or medium organizations. They normally allow the expansion of a business with the guidance of fully-serviced business centers, services, and required tools.

One of the best parts of availing a virtual workplace is that it may offer custom business options. They can also lead to flexible working hours for most organizations out there that are beyond the norms. When this transpires, round-the-clock operations and even enhanced business efficiency can be practiced. Most service vendors would definitely charge a price. However, you can ensure that they are reasonable so you will not be bankrupt. They are just right for the business solution that you are seeking for.

When it comes to an outstanding solution which is meant for small businesses and startups, they should seek a corporate image which may be the answer to additional resources and the expansion of their business later on. It only takes a matter of good planning and everything will go well!

Expats in Singapore: Here are the best family-friendly neighborhood

Are you considering moving to Singapore? These neighborhood are the best boasting of everything from greenery to quaint cafes, art galleries to fun facilities for kids. By living in these cool areas you and your family will get to enjoy the best family times all without having to worry about your safety.


Tanglin is home to many embassies in Singapore, making it one of the sought-after neighborhoods in the island nation. Most of the houses here are old villas, impressive condos and apartments and low-rise townhouses in a central location. Due to its proximity to Orchard, Tanglin neighborhoods exudes a cosmopolitan feel, presenting you and your family with everything from shopping, entertainment, local and fine dining services. There are even international schools such as Avondale Grammar school.
If you love weekend café-hopping, the dining enclave of Dempset Hill is located nearby, and after that, you can enjoy the greenery from UNESCO World Heritage Botanic Gardens which offer music performances and outdoor movie nights.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island rings bells of entertainment for any expats who have ever visited Singapore. The neighborhood boast of beaches dotted with swaying palm trees, quaint cafes, vibrant bars and topnotch restaurants making it one of the corner of Singapore best for outdoor activities for the entire family.

To most expats, Sentosa Island sounds more like a place for weekend fun, but still it home to many. Right at the tip of the Sentosa Island is Sentosa Cove, a residential enclave which present s luxury in a new level. If looking for condos, The Oceanfront Sentosa is an architectural masterpiece which continues to awe its resident with endless dining and shopping opportunities.
If you love marine experience, The Coast of Sentosa is favorite for its stunning views of both the waterfront and the open sea giving you a piece of both worlds.

River Valley

The River Valley is a Singapore neighborhood brimming with shops, mall and a plethora of dining options for the food aficionados. The most popular resident is the Condos in the River Valley which include Starlight Suites. This neighborhood is located in the prime district of River Valley with is condos offering exclusive privacy surrounded by pristine greenery.
To make the most of River Valley, you as access Robertson Quay and have a look at its cafes and late-night dining option. Living there gets you to benefit from an excellent choice of A-list schools ranging from elementary to tertiary.

Tiong Bahru

Judging from the number of wet markets, sleek restaurants, hip cafes and eclectic neighborhood, Tiong Bahru will ever flourish. In the past, the neighborhoods were the cornerstone of Singapore major cultural and urban heritage. Now, it offers modern housing; think apartment and high-rise condos for rent. Within the neighborhood, you will admire the awe-inspiring city skylines, shops, restaurants and green spaces.

If you are a foreigner or live in Singapore ready to make a big move, the above neighborhood will not fall short of your dream home.

Are you on a house hunt in Singapore?

Are you on a house hunt in Singapore? Here are the best sites to find a condo.

Singapore is no doubt the top luxurious cities in Asia. With popular tourist attraction such as Marina Bay Sands, Sensota Island, nightlife at Clarke Quay, it no surprise it attracts millions of foreigners to this city-state. Along with being a famous business hub in Asia, Singapore has a huge expat population making the ion city very diverse in culture. A challenge is that people find it difficult to find suitable accommodation. Lucky for you, we have prepared a list of the top sites to find a convenient condo in Singapore. Take a look.

Prestige Condo

Finding a good accommodation is one thing. Getting it in the best location is another factor. To a majority of people, the location of a condo is one of the key aspects of their decision making. This is where this website comes into play. Keylocation provides a better data and search tools based on locations and which condos are the best.


Rentinsingapore is a rental marketplace offering up to date property listing and tenant profiles. The websites focus on rental sector and have the most extensive database of tenants in Singapore actively looking for a whole unit or rooms for rent. The site has credible and up to date information. It is also very easy to use.


Need a detailed guide to where t get a condo; then this is the best website. Iproperty has features such as news, guides for expatriates, district guide and so much more. It also has one of the largest estate databases in Singapore, which assures you if getting the best accommodation.
Another site that never disappoints when finding a condo in Singapore is Gumtree. Although it is not a real estate only website, Gumtree has classified ads where you can easily find what you are looking for in Singapore ranging from goods, services, jobs, and property.
The website was launched into Singapore real estate in 2007. Since then, stproperty has grown to one of the must use property website for local and foreign expats. Stproperty offers a comprehensive database of resources including articles, information guides, current market trend, and property listing in Singapore.


When finding a condo, one of the aims is to avoid paying agent fee. With Singapore life not coming cheap, it’s therefore crucial to saving money whenever possible. Ilivesg is a site that helps potential landlord and tenants find each other without the need for agents. This allows the two parties to save money from an agent who can add up to one month of rent. Another great feature seen with ilivesg is that you can search an accommodation by location throughout Singapore. Such a feature is beneficial to allow easy access to your workplace or school.
All the above websites are a great resource for those looking for a condo in Singapore. The sites have unique features which makes them better than the other. With that, hope the article helps you find the perfect accommodation based on your budget, location, and needs.

Singapore real estate and the trends driving the business

Real estate has historically been known to be one of the most lucrative ventures for investors to risk on. Apart from the global economic recession experienced a couple of years ago, where the property values plummeted to near junk investment, this economic venture is known to have one of the highest returns on investment in Singapore economic activity. A lot of the returns are gained due to the addition of value on the homes as well as land.

So what are the trends in Singapore real estate contributing to its success?

Marketing Trends

One of the more consistent trends that have been graining ever more prominence is the use of the internet to market property. A trend that started in late 1990s, it has grown to the point where a significant majority of new home owners use the internet as the primary source of information.

This trend puts an end to the historical number one source for real estate information- the newspapers.

The growth of buyer agency

The concept and actual use of buyer agencies has risen and become a norm in real estate business. The advantages that are gained by real estate buyers are enormous, which has made the concept of realtor representing only the buyers interests fully ever more popular.

Currents trends in the real estate business

Although real estate business is generally considered as a lucrative business venture, it does suffer from cycles of high and lows; usually influence by the outlook of the economy and the various elements used to judge that outlook. It is for this reason that one should make a point of knowing the current trends of the real estate market and the areas where the risks involved are minimal while the foreseeable gains are considerably high. Such current trends that shape the face of the real estate business include;

Sustained Urbanization

This factor has influenced the growth of new eighteen hour cities that previously run nine to five. This expansion has opened up new frontiers for growth in the commercial real estate venture (retail space), while supporting growth in the residential real estate venture especially for homes that are only walking distances from the city centers. Such area or cities have seen considerable growth in real estate investment.

Real Estate Frosty Relationship Continues

The exponential growth and emergence of new technologies has always been a worrying factor for this rather traditional business. Technology has a fast changing pace and is shaping all aspects of life and more important to the real estate business, it is changing how real estate consumers are making use of space, how the consumers are using technology within their space as well as the ideal location; new ideal locations are thus arising as result.
On the realization of the influence of technology on Singapore real estate, players in the market are anticipating which technologies have a shot at being mainstream tech as they are being developed while figuring out how to integrate them to various aspects of real estate. Basically, the frosty attitude towards technology is thawing.

Singapore property review: Do you rent or do you buy?

Do you rent or do you buy

To live in a house in Singapore, you either need to buy or rent. This is a decision almost everyone living in Singapore has to make at one time or another. Before embarking on either you need to consider some factors e.g., lifestyle, employment, and financial situation. These elements will guide you to making a sound decision and sway the answer to one side or the other. So, is it better to buy a house or live in a rental house in Singapore? To help you let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of both rental and buying a home.

Pros of rental house

Few obligations

Living in a rental means you don’t have to pay for major repairs, property taxes, maintenance or other issues that might surface during your tenancy.

Enjoy flexibility

Flexibility is crucial, more so for a young family who might need to move from places to places due to career, or if you need to try out neighborhoods before settling.

Change in value of property

Real estate is not immune to economic woes. If the price of property fluctuates, the owner will be affected not you. While they might try to pass the heat, this is not possible for one with a long-term renting contract.

Great for short-term options

If you are saving to buy you’re a particular house, renting is a great option. It also helps prepare one for the responsibility of paying the mortgages if you plan to take a loan for your bought house.

Cons of renting

Well, renting is all about liabilities. You will not get back anything in return for your money, just a roof over your head. You are therefore paying another person mortgage.

While renting you are not allowed to make any structural changes unless you go to the owner first.

Buying a house in Singapore


A sense of security -Once you are done with the buying process, the house becomes an ultimate provision for you and your family.

If the value of homes appreciates, you will get more for a resell.

The cost of buying a home is more stable and predictable. This is because most of the mortgages are fixed-rate.

Living in your own home gives you the freedom to renovate and redecorate to match your taste.

Disadvantages of buying

High initial payment

When buying a house, you have to part with a high initial down payment. In some agencies, the initial payment is 20% not adding all other additional payments that come, e.g., stamp duties that come with the process of buying a home.

To fully own the home you have to pay other running costs, e.g., insurance, property taxes and repairs which don’t come cheap

If paying in a variable interest rate, you are subject to inflation which significantly increases the rates.

If you decide to rent the house, it will be your responsibility to find tenants and manage them.

With that, you can now weigh both options and choose one that meets your needs.

New Futura Condominium at Leonie Hill

New Futura

Living in luxurious homes makes you enjoy the feeling of achievement in every second of your life. Your residential place should be convenient and affordable and also should include all the crucial institutions like hospitals, schools, and luxurious shopping complexes nearby to it. If you are willing to have your own home; the best option you can go along with is New Futura Condominium situated at Leonie Hill Road in District 09.

This wonderful condominium is just at a walking distance to Somerset MRT, Orchard MRT, and Great World MRT (under development). As we all know the fact that medical aid is very much necessary nearer to your residential place; hospital Mount Elizabeth is one of the best hospitals nearer to New Futura. It is one of the best condominiums which come up with a pride of staying in a highly sought residential area and that too at Leonie Hill Road.

New Futura includes stunningly beautiful interiors which provide you best facilities in residential accommodations in District 9. This property is going to be developed by City Developments Limited which is well known for the providing developing projects at the dedicated time period. It is one of the luxurious properties of District 9 which includes different amenities such as swimming pool, GYM, and much more.

Marvelous Design: – It is one of the luxurious properties of District 9 which includes about 36 stories and 124 units. The building includes two blocks each having secured basement parking for the residential. The luxurious look is providing the aluminum fins sprouting at the different parts of the building. The building does not include a very usual design just like other condominiums. It is considered as one of the marvelous and beautiful designs which will make you love it at the first sight. The two blocks of the condominium include elevated decks having an aluminum canopy. This beautiful condominium also has received the price of BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Honor due to the reason of the sustainable design and the greenery and the other foliage around it.

Amenities available: – This wonderful condominium is full of impressive features which makes it one of the best properties in the area. It included general ambiance which perfectly satisfies the modern property investors who are looking to book best luxurious condominiums of Singapore. New Futura has 36 stories and 124 units each having classic interior and excellent design. For those who like to work out on a routine basis also have GYM facilities also with the latest equipments which helps you in taking exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also includes state of the art tennis court. In addition to it; this condominium is very much nearer to Tanglin Golf Course.

Accessibility: – New Futura is situated on Leonie Hill road which is about a few steps distance to various places such as schools, hospitals and places of work. It is about 500 meters away from the northeast MRT station. Great World Thomson is also just 600 meters away from the NEW Futura Condos.